The Benefits for Your Teeth of Drinking Milk

The Benefits for Your Teeth of Drinking Milk

You have probably heard how milk is an excellent choice of beverage to strengthen your bones. However, did you know that consuming milk regularly, also benefits your teeth?

With milk, your teeth get stronger and healthier. They also get extra protection from several dental diseases.

Benefits of Drinking Milk for Your Teeth | Rejuvie Dental Bali

Benefits of Drinking Milk for Your Teeth | Rejuvie Dental Bali

  • High in calcium

As you may know, milk is packed with calcium, a chief component of your bones and teeth. From time to time, your teeth’s calcium component may dissolve due to bacteria from food. Therefore, it’s imperative to replace that calcium, and drinking milk is a brilliant and delicious way to do this! You’ll receive the extra benefit of stronger teeth and bones, including your jaw! Additionally, milk contains vitamin D which makes it even greater for your body as it accelerates the absorption of calcium.

  • Fights tooth decay

Research shows that milk, along with other dairy products, essentially helps to reduce tooth decay. Milk is known to contain caseins (proteins of milk) which serve as a protective property. Combined with calcium, caseins can form a film of coating on the tooth enamel (the outer layer of your tooth) that protects against bacteria. A stronger enamel can prevent your teeth from further decay, caused typically by the bacteria in your mouth.

  • Protects against periodontal disease

Currently, millions of adults are suffering from periodontal disease which is a major cause of tooth loss, also associated with heart and respiratory diseases. When diagnosed with periodontal disease, one will need to get root canal treatment, one of the most dreaded dental treatments. Therefore, maintaining your gum’s health is very important, not just for your oral health but also your overall body.

Regularly consuming milk can help with this. It has been proven that those who consume milk daily have better periodontal health, which may affect a person’s overall well-being.

Combine regular milk drinking with a good oral care routine to keep yourself free of dental diseases. Brush at least twice a day, and floss for extra care. In addition, don’t forget to schedule regular dental checkups.

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