Best Nutrition Strategies for Healthy Teeth

Best Nutrition Strategies for Healthy Teeth

Our teeth may be small, but they play a crucial role in our overall health. As the saying goes, if our eyes are the window to our soul – then our teeth are the window to our bodies. Our gums and teeth are very important indicators of our health.

A big part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums is nutrition. Learn how you can maintain your teeth by applying the strategies we’re going over in this article.

Best Nutrition for Healthy Teeth


Preventive measures

Our dental health is a reflection of our inner health. The condition of our gums, teeth and oral hygiene can often be an indicator of other conditions going on in our bodies – such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular disease and other complications. In fact, it is not uncommon for dentists to diagnose these symptoms before your general doctor does!

Nutrients for healthy teeth

Your teeth and gums require a combination of nutrients to help sustain their health. For example, to maintain your enamel structure your teeth need an adequate supply of calcium, protein, and phosphorus. Your enamels are in fact the strongest and hardest substance in the body, consisting of up to 96% mineral – the highest percentage of any tissue in our bodies.

In addition to the external enamels, your mouth also needs nutrients to maintain its gum tissues and immune function and to modulate other supportive functions. These require a combination of not only minerals but also vitamins, antioxidant sand healthy fats. These include zinc, iron, omega-3 fatsand vitamins A through D.

Strategies for healthier teeth

To help your teeth get the supplements they need, you can consume the following foods in your diet.

Cranberries and similar berries

Berries and plant-based foods that are rich in anthocyanins have protective properties that can prevent the attachment of dangerous pathogens on tissues.


Fluoride is a mineral that is crucial to the preservation of your teeth. It prevents the process of decalcification by helping our bodies absorb calcium more effectively. Fluoride also helps your teeth by facilitating the remineralization of enamel.


To summarize, your teeth and gums are an ecosystem of their own that require your help supplying nutrients in order to sustain their health over the course of your lifetime. Be sure to keep these points in mind whenever you’re thinking of neglecting your dental hygiene!

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