Rejuvie dental treatment

Introduction :

Having braces is a mayor procedure and it involves many visits to the clinic over a period of minimum 2 year.

If you think you need braces, please book a consultation with our dentist and he can go through the whole procedure with you. He will also give you an estimate of the cost.

Braces start from around Rp 12.000.000

The treatment

Before putting the braces we will take a mold, and some pictures of the patient’s face to analyze the case. Based on this we can make the dental plan.
We need to make sure the teeth are in good condition. If there is decay we need to fill it. And in some cases, we need to extract some teeth.

Placing the braces takes 2 hours to finish including teeth cleaning. First, we will do teeth cleaning and after that, we block the mouth to keep the mouth dry, so the braces can stay on properly. After we apply etching gel on all of the teeth to open the teeth pores so the glue will attach well with the braces. We then apply bonding and blue light for 10 seconds for each teeth. Then we put braces with the glue and use blue light to make the glue hardened for 40 seconds for each tooth. After all, teeth have braces we will put the wire. With normal braces, the wire will be held by the rubber but with self-ligating braces, the wire will hold by the brace itself.

Repeat treatments

In the follow-up visit, we will take off the wire and do teeth cleaning first. During every visit, we will change the wire to become bigger than the one before to tighten the wire. For normal braces we change the rubber also. In some cases, you may need stopper or elastic. If your braces fell off please keep it and bring it for your follow up visit. Then we will put it back.

After Care & Side effects

Please avoid eating hard food, like corn, nuts or tortilla.If you eat fruits and vegetables or hard food like French bread or apple please cut them into bite-size pieces first.Sometimes the edge of the wire can fall off from the braces and poke your check. If its happen gently put it back into a hole in the braces. If you can’t get it back into place this way, cover it with a piece of wax until you can get to your dentist for a follow-up visit.

Be sure to keep foreign objects out of your mouth. Pencils, pens, fingernails and other objects can damage your appliances and damage the roots of your teeth due to conflicting forces on them.


Metal braces: Rp 8.000.000

Clear braces/ceramic braces: Rp 12.000.000

Self-ligating braces: Rp 15.000.000

Standart check: Rp 100.000 per visit

You might want to consider

Feel free to send us your case, and we’ll be happy to give you a treatment plan.