Causes of Dental and Oral Diseases

Causes of Dental and Oral Diseases

Although it may seem like a small part, your oral and dental health is actually essential to your overall’s well-being.

When you neglect your mouth’s hygiene, this may lead to various oral and dental diseases. Some studies have also found that these diseases may be linked to other serious matters such as diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer. In this article, we will discuss further on the several types of causes that may contribute to dental and oral diseases.



bacteria oral disease


Bacteria is highly associated with dental disease. When not cleaned regularly, the bacteria in your mouth may build up and eventually form into a substance called plaque. It produces acid which is harmful to your tooth enamel as it has the power to destroy it. To avoid this condition, you will need to maintain a regular teeth cleaning habit. When not removed properly, plaque may form into tartar and it requires professional cleaning that can be only done by a dentist.






When exposed to your teeth, certain food and drinks may actually do more harm than its temporary delight. Your favorite treats that contain high starches and sugar such as cookies, candies, soft drinks, and alcohol may leave remains that form into acids, which can eat away your tooth enamel, resulting in a tooth decay. Our teeth can be stained also from the remaining of tea and coffee. Therefore, it is very important to always watch out on what you eat and drink.






Smoking not only affects your lungs, but may also be damaging to your entire body, including your oral health. Long-term smoking may leave yellowish or brownish stains, resulting in unattractive teeth color. Furthermore, smoking is a major contributor associated in increasing risks of gum diseases and inflammation around your tooth, which may result in a tooth loss.


Less knowledge about technique of brushing teeth


brushing teeth technique


Most important things about oral hygiene is how we brush our teeth. If we do it with wrong technique the plaque will keep cause oral disease even if we choose the perfect brush, do it often ect. Wrong technique also will cause receding gum and periodontitis because the plaque will infect the gum.


Poor brushing habit


brushing habit


Even if you don’t smoke and consume food and drinks that are low in starches and sugar, poor brushing habit may also be a major factor to dental and oral diseases. It is essential to have a regular brushing habit of at least two times each day.


On top of maintaining good oral hygiene, your teeth will still need professional cleaning at least once in six months by a dentist. Your dentist will be able to use special equipment to examine and clean areas unreachable by a regular toothbrush. He or she may also detect early signs of disease, infections or other problems.

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