Things You Need to Know Before Getting Braces

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Braces

Does your smile look crooked? Do you have uneven teeth? Getting a set of dental braces may be just the answer!

Braces are great at straightening your teeth and making your overall smile more appealing. Straight teeth boost your confidence and are easier to clean, preventing your teeth from decay and toothaches in the future.

The thought of getting dental braces is exciting. However, there are a few things you need to know before getting them.

Dental Braces in Bali | Rejuvie Dental Bali

Dental Braces in Bali | Rejuvie Dental Bali

  • Dental braces are available for any age

Although braces are normally associated with teenagers, they can actually be worn by anyone, of any age. As long as your gums and teeth are strong enough to hold the braces, you can use this corrective treatment.

  • You will feel some pain

The answer to “does it hurt?” is “yes”. However, don’t be daunted. You will feel an uncomfortable sensation but the pain is still manageable. The most pain is usually felt during the first few days, right after getting the braces (or their wires) tightened on your monthly visit.

You may feel some pressure around your mouth, and your jaw might ache. Sometimes a mild headache can also be expected. To overcome this pain, your dentist will likely prescribe a pain killer to cure the soreness, or you can simply buy over-the-counter pain relief.

  • Treatment normally takes 2 years

On average, fixing your smile with dental braces takes about 2 years. However, certain cases differ depending on what needs to be done. In some situations, if your teeth are in good condition, this corrective treatment will be complete in under 2 years.  However, it may take more time due to various external factors.

Dental braces in Bali

If you’re considering dental braces, it’s best to consult with a professional dentist first. Get in touch with Rejuvie Dental Clinic to book a consultation with our professional dentists.