Benefits of a Dental Crown and Where You Can Get It in Bali

Benefits of a Dental Crown and Where You Can Get It in Bali

Having a beautiful set of healthy teeth is important for your everyday wellbeing. You use your teeth for a lot of things including to bite, talk, smile, laugh, and eat daily. If you have a damaged tooth, this may affect not only your quality of life but also your confidence to smile. Fortunately, the appearance and shape of your damaged tooth can now be improved by the benefits of a dental crown.


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Photo Source: Gregory A. Williams DMD, PC


Benefits of a dental crown

A dental crown is a replication of your tooth that can cover your damaged tooth with similar appearance, real chewing support, and protection. It can also be positioned on top of an implant where it resembles a tooth-like shape and gives proper structure for your implant to function.


Aesthetic benefits of a dental crown

Dental crowns can be made out of porcelain or ceramic. Experienced cosmetic dentists in Rejuvie Dental Clinic can create a dental crown that imitates the natural quality of your tooth. They will match your dental crown to your natural teeth color. Contours and shading of your dental crown can also be adjusted to your preference as well.


Functional benefits of a dental crown

The main problem of having a damaged or missing tooth is not having proper chewing support. The materials used to create a dental crown have been continuously improved and made stronger for proper chewing function. By having a dental crown, you can benefit from continuing to eat your favorite foods and chewing properly.


Protection benefits of a dental crown

As a dental crown is designed to cover an existing tooth or a dental implant, it is implemented to give protection to your teeth from bacteria leaking in and the possibility of getting further damage.


Dental crown treatment in Bali

If you’re looking for a professional dental crown treatment in Bali, Rejuvie Dental Clinic can provide you with it. This dental clinic located in Kuta, Bali offers regular to aesthetic treatments with skillful dentists and high technology equipment. Book your appointment now with our professional dentist here.