Dental Facts You Should Know

Dental Facts You Should Know

Dental Facts from Rejuvie Dental – Sometimes taken for granted, your teeth actually help you with some of the most important things in your daily life – such as talking, chewing, and smiling. Your dental health is a serious matter as it may affect your overall wellbeing. When your teeth are not properly taken care of, you may face unfavorable dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, sensitivity, and even tooth loss.

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To keep your teeth healthy, you should commit to practicing proper oral care. But to encourage you to have a proper dental routine, here are some interesting dental facts you should know!

1. Teeth Cleaning Habits Have Been Practiced for Centuries


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According to history, teeth brushing dates back to 5,000 B.C. The first toothbrushes were twigs that were chewed to clean the teeth. Eggshells and animal hooves were used by the Egyptians for teeth cleaning and Ancient Greeks made their own toothpaste from ingredients such as talc and coral powder.

2. The Modern Toothbrush Was Invented in The 1700s


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Although teeth cleaning has been practiced for centuries, it wasn’t until the 1700s that a man from England invented the first modern toothbrush that we all now know. He created a toothbrush made out of a bone handle and boar bristles, which were secured with wire. The nylon-bristled toothbrush we now all use was introduced in the late 1930s.

3. Your Teeth Record Your Personal History


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By examining your teeth, it can reveal a lot about you such as your age and consumption habits. Your teeth can also tell about your overall wellbeing. From your teeth and gums, your dentist can also identify other health issues you may have.

4. Each of Your Teeth is Unique


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Did you know that none of your teeth have the same shape and size? Each of them has a distinct profile, which also varies from person to person, making every individual’s smile special!

5. Your Tooth Enamel is Harder Than Your Bones


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Your tooth enamel is actually harder than your bones, making it the strongest substance in the human body. However, depending on your oral habits and the food you consume, bacteria and acid may wear out your tooth enamel, leading to various dental problems.

That is why taking care of your dental health is really important. Make sure you get a dental checkup every 6 months for a proper examination and professional cleaning. Call Rejuvie Dental Clinic in Bali to book your next dental appointment.