Dental Tips: Benefits for Your Teeth of Drinking More Water

Dental Tips: Benefits for Your Teeth of Drinking More Water

benefit mineral water for teeth

The benefits of drinking water for our health is obvious – after all, our bodies consist of 60% water. According to the USGS, the brain and heart consist of up to 73% water, with the lungs contributing up to 83%. What this means is that water is an essential component in our health, including oral health!

Just how much impact does water have on our dental health? We’ll be discussing that topic in this article.

Strengthen Your Teeth

Mineral water contains…… you guessed it, minerals.  These minerals are beneficial to strengthening your enamels. The specific mineral we’re talking about here is Fluoride, which is often dubbed nature’s natural cavity fighter. Fluoride mixes well with your natural enamel to prevent tooth decay. Also, together with your saliva, it can help prevent plaque from building.

Keeps your mouth clean

Drinking water helps wash down food particles and leftover residue from other sugary drinks like juice, soda and everything in between. It’s easy to forget that your mouth contains bacteria, and they feed off of the sugar and residual food particles in your teeth. These bacteria then produce acid that gradually erodes away the surface of the enamel. Since water has no sugar, it is the perfect way to wash away all that residue, and also dilute any remaining acid and harmful liquids in your mouth.

Free of calories

Water contains no calories at all. This means that you can drink it without contributing to tooth decay. When you eat and drink mineral water, you’re not adding any extra sugar or acid to the meal. Additionally, water also helps your body metabolize food better.

Fights dry mouth

The saliva in your mouth is 99% water – the rest is a mixture of your body fluids and other minerals. They form your mouths first defense against tooth decay by helping dissolve your food, wash away remaining particles and coating your enamels with calcium, fluoride, and phosphate. Drinking water is essential to maintain the right level of saliva in your mouth.

Drinking enough water benefits your oral health in many ways – and your body’s overall health as well. To keep your body hydrated throughout the day, it is recommended to drink at least 3 liters per day for adult males and 2 liters for adult females. For more interesting dental facts, visit us at Rejuvie Dental Clinic, Bali.