Dental Tips: Keep Your Teeth Clean While Smoking

Dental Tips: Keep Your Teeth Clean While Smoking

It is common knowledge that smoking discolors your teeth. The ingredients in a cigarette such as tar and nicotine are the major cause of teeth discoloration, which causes yellow stains on your tooth.

As a matter of fact, smokers have a much higher rate of having teeth discoloration compared to non-smokers. Brushing alone is not enough to remove yellow stains from smoking. Those yellow stains from smoking is difficult to be removed because they penetrate deeply into your enamel. Luckily, it can be removed with teeth whitening treatment done by a professional dentist. However, you should also be proactive in keeping your teeth white. Follow these simple steps to avoid tooth discoloration.

Dental Tips: Keep Your Teeth Clean While Smoking - Rejuvie Dental

Dental Tips: Keep Your Teeth Clean While Smoking – Rejuvie Dental

1. Brush your teeth regularly and properly

Regular tooth brushing is important for everyone’s oral health, but it is even more important for smokers who want to keep their teeth white. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice or even thrice a day with a duration of at least 2 minutes each time. Also, ensure you have proper brushing techniques to reach all parts of your teeth.

2. Rinse with water after you smoke

In addition to brushing, make sure to rinse with water after you smoke. As nicotine may start building up on your enamel, rinsing with water will help reduce the amount of nicotine attached.

3. Schedule a dentist appointment regularly

If you are a smoker, you should visit the dentist more often than non-smokers. Your dentist can help to thoroughly clean your teeth during each visit. Dentists can use certain dental tools and ingredients for deeper cleansing. This will help to remove light staining and lessen any deep staining as well.

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