First Time Visit to the Dentist for Kids

First Time Visit to the Dentist for Kids

Taking your kids to the dentist for the first time can be a challenging experience. The first dental experience for any child is just one of many milestones in their lives, and will set the tone for future visits. Its better to start introduce the dentist when they are two or three years old. Therefore, it is our job as parents and caretakers to instill the importance of taking care of their dental health, and ensure their first visit is a pleasant one.

Dentist for Kids

Preparing for the visit

Think back to the first time you went to the dentist as a kid. What was your impression of the dentist or the office? How did you like the experience? If your experience was pleasant, chances are your parents, family or guardians had already briefed you on what to expect. This initial brief is an important aspect of preparing your kids for their first dental visit.

Since this is their first experience, they’re probably wondering what it will be like. Perhaps they’re filled with a mix of both excitement and anxiety. Have your kids practiced opening their mouths so they’re ready when the dentist asks them to? You can also prep them by showing them videos, photos or books about dentists. Remember when you were their age, find ways to make them comfortable with visiting the dentist.

What to expect from the dentist

As the parent, you should also know what to expect from the dentist visit. First appoitnment to dentist will be introducing dentist room and tools they used so the children can feel comfortable. The next visit will most likely involve an assessment and inspection of your child’s teeth, gums and jaws. The dentist will check to see if they are developing in the proper way and check for any potential issues that can occur later on in their development. You child will also have their teeth thoroughly cleaned and checked for cavities or other issues.

If they’re not brave enough to sit in the dentist chair and to help your children feel more comfortable, you can ask the dentist to let them sit on your lap during the inspection. It also helps to offer them a reward for their time and effort going to the dentist. The most important takeaway here is to make sure the dental visit is a fun experience for your child, as it is an ongoing occurrence as they grow older.

What did you think of our tips in this article? Dental hygiene and health is an integral aspect of your child’s health and development. If you’re looking to take your kids to the dentist in Bali, make sure you contact us at Rejuvie Dental! Our staff knows about the first dentist experience well, and will do our best to make sure everything goes smoothly for your kids.