Foods to Eat After Your Dental Implant Surgery

Foods to Eat After Your Dental Implant Surgery

Your dental implants are meant to function just like your natural teeth. It is permanent, natural-looking and has the same strength and durability as your real teeth.

After getting dental implants, you can enjoy eating your favorite foods as usual! However, eating is not advised immediately after dental implant surgery. You need to wait at least a few hours before chewing on your implants.

Even after a couple of hours, you still need to choose the right kind of food in order to assist in the recovery process. Treat the surgical site tenderly by eating the right food.  It will lessen the pain, make you feel a whole lot better and accelerate the healing process.

The period straight after your surgery is critical as this is the time when your implant starts settling into your jawbone permanently. Of course, you don’t want any external factors to interrupt this process. To help you out, choose the following soft foods after having dental implant surgery.


Not only perfect for breakfast, eggs are one of the best soft foods to consume after your dental implant surgery. They’re high in protein and can be served in various ways. Whether you like them scrambled, poached, boiled or sunny side up, eggs remain soft and friendly on your implant site.


If your surgical site still feels sore, having a bowl of soup can be the best answer. Make sure you cook the ingredients well so that they are soft to eat. Vegetables or meats that are hard to chew may hurt your implant site.


Potatoes’ versatility makes them appealing for a post-surgery meal. You get to mash, boil or bake them, and add delicious toppings such as cheese, butter or sour cream. Whatever kind of serving you choose, potatoes become soft once cooked, making them the perfect food choice after dental implant surgery.

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