How to Enjoy Eating With Your Dental Implant

How to Enjoy Eating With Your Dental Implant

Nobody wants to experience tooth loss. Fortunately we now have dental implants as a solution! Your teeth are vital as they allow you to enjoy all sorts of food and also provide your mouth and face with structure. When one experiences tooth loss, there may be several oral dysfunctions. Therefore, getting dental implants is the best answer to solve your problems.

Enjoy Eating after Dental Implant | Rejuvie Dental Bali

Enjoy Eating after Dental Implant | Rejuvie Dental Bali

Getting implants provide you with many benefits. It’s permanent, natural-looking and restores your missing tooth. Furthermore, dental implants are strong and durable as they are surgically infused into the jawbone. Among the many benefits experienced, most enjoyed having the capability to eat and chew comfortably.

After getting a dental implant, there will be a healing period as the surgical spot may still be sore. During this time, you need to carefully look after your dental implants.

To help you out, here are some tips on how to enjoy eating with your dental implants:

1. Stick to a soft food diet            

Getting dental implants isn’t cheap. Of course, you want them to be long-lasting so during recovery, it’s best if you change your diet. As your surgical site may still feel tender, you need to treat it well. Consume soft food such as soup, avocado, scrambled eggs, mashed vegetables and other foods that don’t require much chewing. By restricting your diet to soft food only, it will help with your recovery process.

2. Brush regularly after a meal

In addition to changing your diet, practicing good oral hygiene should also be of paramount importance. If you want dental implants that last a long time, you need to carefully look after them. Brush regularly and also floss to ensure your dental implants are free of food remains. It’s advised to brush after eating as it serves as an extra step to maintain good oral hygiene.

3. Rinse with antibacterial mouthwash & use dental gel

To speed up your healing process, you can take an additional step by rinsing your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash and applying dental gel around the wound.

Taking care of your dental implants after surgery is such a crucial step for long-lasting results. Allow time for it to heal and you can enjoy every meal afterwards.

Don’t forget to also book an appointment with a professional dentist to examine your dental implant’s condition. Ask Rejuvie Dental Clinic for more information about dental implants in Bali.