Important Facts Parents Need to Know About Baby Teeth

Important Facts Parents Need to Know About Baby Teeth

Think back to a time when you were little and your parents cared about your dental health. What do you remember?

Chances are they told you about certain foods to avoid, to brush your teeth regularly, to avoid chewing hard surfaces, and many other things. Now, as an adult – and perhaps a potential parent – it is your job to educate your family about the importance of baby teeth.


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In this article, we’ll be discussing important facts about baby teeth, parents need to know.

First set of teeth

In general, babies start to produce more saliva within 3 months of being born. They’ll start to be more curious and explore their surroundings with their mouth. This however, does not mean they are teething just yet.

Your babies will typically grow their first teeth between the ages of 6 and 12 months. In some cases, their teeth may not grow even by their first birthday – don’t be alarmed, every baby is different! Additionally, their first teeth will also be the lower front teeth, also known as the lower central incisors.

Dental visit with the first tooth

We recommend scheduling the first dental appointment as soon as your baby grows his or her first tooth. If you can’t see their first tooth by their first birthday, you could also schedule an appointment.

At the first dental appointment, the dentist will check their oral health as well as make sure their teeth are developing normally. At this time, parents should also consider establishing a dental home for their baby, so that every record is kept in one dental institution, instead of being spread around many places.

Soothe your baby’s teething process

Babies will sometimes show discomfort as they are teething. Their gums will be slightly swollen and they will salivate much more than usual. You can help ease their teething by massaging their gums with clean fingers or a wet cloth. Also worth noting is that when teething, babies’ body temperatures will rise slightly. This is not a sign of illness, but rather a natural reaction of their bodies.

On a closing note, parents should keep a close eye during their baby’s teething period and assist them when they can. Also don’t forget to schedule that first dentist appointment as soon as you see their first tooth! For more information about dental health, or if you’re looking for professional dental care in Bali, feel free to reach out to us at Rejuvie Dental Clinic.