5 Tips to Take Care of Your Braces

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Braces

Take care of dental braces – Having braces on your teeth is a wise investment for a confident smile. Despite its lengthy process, it will reward you with a more aesthetically pleasing smile and satisfying teeth alignment. For those looking to get braces, or are wearing them currently, take note of the tips that we’ll share in this article about how to care for your braces!

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Floss correctly

Having braces is no excuse to skimp on flossing. In fact, it becomes more imperative that you floss correctly on a daily basis to maintain the overall health of your teeth and gums. Make sure to also floss the space between the brackets.

Use the proper toothbrush

Using the right tool – in this case, the proper toothbrush – will make your cleaning process a lot easier and less of a hassle. What we mean is by choosing the proper toothbrush is to buy one with pointed bristles and a steady head that doesn’t move around too much when you’re brushing your braces. Alternatively, you can also opt for a children’s toothbrush, since it is smaller in size which lets you brush into the crevices of your teeth more carefully, and it’s also softer in general.

Use mouthwash routinely

This should be a habit for those wearing braces. Buy a mouthwash that has fluoride in its ingredient and rinses your mouth daily and in between meals if possible. It’s a cumbersome habit, we know. But you’ll thank yourself in the long run once you’re treatment is complete!

Brush thoroughly

This goes without saying, but it is very important that you brush your teeth thoroughly – and we mean to dedicate your time to ensure there are no food particles that are stuck in between the components. As someone who wears braces, it is your responsibility to look after your own dental hygiene. The orthodontists can install the braces for you, but it is ultimately in your own hands to ensure it is clean. Also, take care not to force anything in the cleaning process.

Make friends with your dentist

Having braces means a commitment for regular checkups to the dentist. The dentist will need to check your braces for maintenance, cleaning and adjust them as necessary so that your treatment is according to schedule. You don’t want to be bearing them, forever right?

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Write these tips down on your notes or phone! They are super important for your overall oral hygiene!

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