Whiten Your Teeth Naturally with These Fruits

Whiten Your Teeth Naturally with These Fruits

You have probably been told to avoid coffee and wine as these drinks stain your teeth. However, did you know there are some foods which can actually help whiten your teeth? Of course, you may not see overnight results, but these foods are natural and affordable to keep your smile brighter.

So what kind of fruits should you eat? Here are some natural remedies to assist in whitening your teeth.

Fruits for Your Teeth | Rejuvie Dental Bali

Fruits for Your Teeth | Rejuvie Dental Bali

  • Strawberries

Although red in color, strawberries actually contain a key enzyme called malic acid that can help whiten your teeth. It removes tooth discoloration and reduces inflammation in your mouth. More than just a whitening agent, strawberries also contain vitamin C that helps prevent periodontal disease. Eat them with your cereals, salad or desserts, or even mash it to be applied to your toothbrush.

  • Apples

As apples are packed with water, this fruit helps to increase your saliva production which naturally cleanses your mouth. It kills the bacteria that normally causes bad breath. When you hear that crunch as you bite and chew an apple, it’s actually scrubbing stains and bacteria from your teeth as well as strengthening your gums.

  • Oranges

Just like apples, oranges also cause your mouth to produce saliva. This helps to wash your teeth naturally. Furthermore, this fruit is also able to neutralize the acidity in your mouth which normally causes decay.

  • Pineapples

This fruit contains an enzyme called bromelain which is proven to effectively remove stains and eliminate plaque from your teeth’s surface. Pineapples can also prevent tooth cavity and tooth decay, making your teeth healthier and whiter.

Teeth whitening in Bali

If you’d like to see instant results, then it’s best to have a professional teeth whitening procedure performed. Rejuvie Dental Clinic offers an effective teeth whitening service. This dental clinic, located in Kuta, is equipped with high technology and professional dentists to whiten your teeth.

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