The Difference between Enlighten and Zoom Teeth Whitening

The Difference between Enlighten and Zoom Teeth Whitening

Everyone deserves a brighter, more radiant smile. One way to get those pearly whites is by having a tooth whitening treatment. If you do a quick search online, you’ll find there are many different types of teeth whitening treatments and methods. So, what exactly are the differences between them?

In this article we’ll go over the pros and cons of two common teeth whitening treatments, namely Enlighten vs. Zoom Teeth Whitening.

The Difference between Enlighten and Zoom Teeth Whitening

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

This method of teeth whitening guarantees to lighten up your teeth by up to 16 shades – an outstanding feat that no other teeth whitening treatment can do without at least potentially causing harm to the user. The whitening is also known to last up to at least four or five years, plus you can purchase extra serum or gels to dab on the mouthguard given to you, and then sleep with it on to make sure your teeth retain that white complexion.

The downside of the Enlighten method is that it takes some time for the process to work – typically up to three weeks from your first dental appointment. During the first visits, you’ll be asked create a mold (for the mouthguard) by biting into a gel-type substance. Another downside is that this method is known to make your teeth more sensitive. Dentists will generally give you anti-sensitivity toothpaste to combat this.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

This method of teeth whitening is generally the quickest. The procedure takes only an hour and a half, and will leave your teeth up to six shades lighter (depending on the consultation agreement you had with the dentist). It’s also pain-free, with most dental care treatments utilizing a laser to make it quick and hassle-free. A typical treatment plan involves three to four cycles of 15-minute sessions.

Also, worth mentioning is that this method is generally used as a top up treatment, with the teeth whitening lasting up to a year on average, before needing another top up.

What do you think? After reading about the differences between enlighten and zoom teeth whitening, which procedure do think best fits your needs?

If you’re still on the fence regarding teeth whitening treatments, feel free to talk to our experts at Rejuvie Dental!